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At North Houston Pole Line, safety is the primary goal and first focus of the company and each individual. North Houston Pole Line understands that safety is an integral part of operations in all facets of work. Accident prevention is paramount in the planning and execution of every operation.

As a result of this focus, North Houston Pole Line provides a safe, highly efficient work environment for its employees, clients and the public at large through awareness programs and in-house certified training. All relevant OSHA training is provided at regular intervals for craft skills, insuring and promoting North Houston Pole Line’s commitment to safety awareness at every level within the company.

  • A positive safety culture is the engine that drives the NHPL effort toward an accident and injury free work environment for all employees.  It begins with the new hire orientation and evolves throughout the employee’s career.
  • Our Goal is to train all levels of leadership to drive the shift to “Best-in-Class” Safety Culture
  • The Safety Culture Policy Statement defines safety culture as the core values and behaviors resulting from a collective commitment by leaders and individuals to emphasize safety over competing goals to ensure protection of employees and the environment.
  • NHPL’s Safety Conscious Work Behavior identifies a work environment where management and employees are dedicated to putting safety first.  A “Job Hazard Analysis” (JHA) empowers every employee to participate in step by step work plans, to identify hazards associated with the work and to formulate hazard abatement or hazard elimination work procedures.
  • Management and employee attitudes are more than policies and procedures. A “Best In Class” safety culture embodies employee training, motivation, involvement and leadership.
  • The NHPL safety group designs, develops and delivers superior safety training programs that provide exceptional value for our customers, employees and shareholders.
  • Safety responsibilities are designed for all levels of the organization.
  • NHPL strives to provide leading edge training programs to create opportunities for a skilled and motivated workforce. Monthly safety meeting are designed to deliver training that create a work environment that is free of known hazards.
  • Annual compliance training programs utilize instructor led classroom sessions as well as practical demonstrations of acquired skills.
  • NHPL has created adhoc and ongoing safety committees within various work disciplines to address specific work related safety issues. The committees are made up of members from each level of the work force and work toward improving the work environment.
  • A “Best In Class” safety culture begins with the prevention of human suffering and safeguards life itself. There can be no higher priority in our work.
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